What is Wheel Balancing, and Why Do I Need It?

The Importance of Keeping Your Wheels Balanced When it comes to car ownership, there is a lot to do to make sure the vehicle is operating as smoothly as it can. But with so many complicated components that all rely on one another, routine maintenance is something that car owners can forget about in their

Spark Plugs: Tiny Parts That Really Matter

The Purposes of Spark Plugs Most people don’t think twice about their spark plugs, but these tiny parts play a surprisingly important role in how your car works, especially in regard to the check engine light that can sometimes appear on your dashboard. Without spark plugs, your vehicle will not have the ability to operate.

What do My Tire Markings Mean?

Understanding Tire Markings Tire repair can be a confusing task, but it’s one of the most critical components when it comes to auto maintenance. Making the process even more complicated, knowing what the numbers on your tires mean can make things harder for some auto owners. In this post, we’ll help explain and break down

Checking Into Why the Check Engine Light is On

What Causes a Warning Light? Not the check engine light! What could be causing this? Am I safe, and can I keep driving? At Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts, we understand the anxiousness you likely feel when the check engine indicator illuminates. Our ASE certified technicians can help you by diagnosing the problem and making

Safety is Important

Balancing Vehicle Safety, the Environment, and Your Personal Safety During a Pandemic At Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts, we take your safety very seriously. As always, we are here to help you with your automotive needs. This includes providing the service of required state safety inspections as well as any repairs needed to keep your

Cleaning Your Carrier Car

How to Safely Sanitize the Interior Did you know that your car may be a carrier? Yes, of course, it hauls passengers and groceries. But did you know that it can transport germs and even the current Coronavirus? For several days after an infectious contact, the COVID-19 virus may still be alive on certain interior

Learn More About Tire Repair

Fixing Punctures, Holes, and Tears A flat isn’t the end of the road for your tires. Learn how you can use a convenient tire repair kit to patch a small puncture in a tire, inflate it and continue to use it until you can make your way to an auto repair shop. While it won’t

What to Expect at a State Inspection

How To Prepare For The Massachusetts State Inspection Vehicle state inspections are part of being a driver in Massachusetts. At Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, we consider four general areas for each inspection: emissions/engine, exterior, interior, and underside. Here’s a look at each area and other things to expect. Quick Service and Repair When you come

How To Check the Motor Oil

Step By Step When is the last time your car had an oil change? When you fail to change your oil as often as you should, your car burns more fuel and doesn’t run as smoothly. Check out this guide from the pros at Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts to learn how to check your

Black & Gritty Oil

What You Need to Know Like the other components and systems found in your vehicle, the motor oil cycled throughout the engine is susceptible to wear-and-tear. When this happens, it can begin to lose it’s clear, amber appearance and take on a much dirtier look. This is a normal thing to happen for the oil,