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Randy’s Offers Fuel Saving Tips and Auto Repair

Randy’s Offers Fuel Saving Tips and Auto Repair

Nobody Wants to Spend More Than Necessary on Fuel

Let’s spend more than necessary on gas–said nobody ever! No one wants to spend more than necessary on fuel. While that’s true at any time, it comes to the national mental forefront when unexpected factors influence supply and demand. Examples include a weather event that impacts a supply pipeline, a computer problem that impacts a refinery for an extended period of time, or political unrest. The resulting price spikes cause drivers to wonder if there are ways to save gas, but the reality is that we should all be thinking about conserving all the time. It’s one way to make a lesser negative impact on the environment, and saving money is always a plus, adding to your bank account. At Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts, we’re happy to share a few gas-saving tips, and we’re here to support you if you need auto repair–whether it’s your Mercedes having problems with the fuel pump or your VW has a check engine light. We are always here to help.

Easy Tips for Saving Gasoline

Paying more than you planned for gas can be hard, but saving precious petroleum drops (and, therefore, dollars) can be easy. The first suggestion is actually obvious. Drive less. Combine errands into a single run when you can. Also, if you’re going only a very short distance, don’t bother with the car if you’re in good health or in a safe environment. Walk or bike instead. That may provide a benefit beyond fuel savings! When you do drive, take time to check the tire air pressure regularly. When your tires don’t have enough air, your vehicle has to work harder and generate more power just to turn the wheels at your desired speed. That’s a very simple fix that can garner measurable results–and extend your tire life! Also, don’t carry more than you need. While we all need to transport extra items sometimes, extra weight yields lower fuel economy. Finally, unless you’re really scorching, ditch the AC in favor of an open window. Using your vehicle’s air conditioner causes your automobile to consume more gas. (Note: If you’re traveling at a high rate of speed, the drag may counteract savings, so you may opt for AC. Around town, however, you can save by using natural cooling.)

Reliable Auto Repair Nearby

If you’re doing your best to conserve gasoline and still not getting the savings you expect, there could potentially be another underlying issue that’s causing your car to use extra fuel. Randy’s Automotive can check out your transportation and make any needed auto repairs. You can save money there, too. Be sure to check out our Specials tab and ask for more information about our great 3-year/36,000-mile warranty to protect your repair investment.

We service many makes and models and offer BMW repair, Audi repair, Mercedes repair, Ford repair, and more.

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