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BMW Inspection I & II: What is it? — Randy’s Automotive

BMW Inspection I & II: What is it? — Randy’s Automotive

BMW Inspections

Most BMW owners purchase their cars as both a style/performance choice and an investment in a long-lasting, reliable vehicle. Although it is indeed an excellent auto line, part of the secret to its longevity and performance is regular, thorough service. That’s why BMW recommends a specific dual-level service schedule. Are you new to BMW ownership? We can help you decipher the recommended service points. Whether it’s time for Service I or Service II, the certified technicians at Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Maine, are here for you–and your car.

Inspection I

Inspection I is the set of service points the manufacturer recommends at 20,000 miles. (Note: BMWs made in or before 2005 are designed to be serviced at 30,000 miles.) The components to be inspected fit into one of three categories–electrical/body elements, the undercarriage, and the engine compartment. Electrical/body elements include a check of lights, the battery, airbags, seatbelts, mirrors, etc. During the undercarriage inspection, the technician will change the oil and filter. (Note: You need an oil change more frequently than every 20,000 miles. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, we’ll be glad to discuss a schedule reflective of your unique driving situation with you.) Further, the mechanic will check brakes, tires, and exhaust during this inspection segment. Finally, the engine compartment portion of the service includes a reading using the OBD-II reader to alert the technician to any trouble codes and check all fluids such as coolant, wiper fluid, etc.

Inspection II

Recommended at the 40,000-mile mark, Inspection II includes all the maintenance points from Inspection I and some more extensive services. Spark plugs, for example, are changed at this time. Also, the fuel and air filters are replaced, and the differential oil is changed. A technician will also give a good once-over to parts you’ve likely forgotten, including flexible boots that can develop leaks and the parking brake lining. Further, they will look for rust, alerting you to any potential issues covered by your car’s warranty.

The Shop You Can Count On in the Inspection Count

With two inspection types consisting of numerous service points, perhaps you’re concerned about keeping up with the recommended services for your BMW. Instead of counting the items on the inspection checklist, rely on the expertise of Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Maine. We are a family-owned business operating since 1976. We provide the personal service you need to make you feel comfortable with the work we perform and the reputable preventive maintenance that will enable you to keep your vehicle’s warranty intact.

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