26 Spring Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Meet The Team

We couldn’t be prouder of our team of professionals whose focus is on providing the highest levels of service and quality possible. Servicing the most complicated consumer product ever takes a commitment from each of us to stay on top of new technology. That is why all our team attends training every month. Without this training, we would not be able to service the ever-evolving automobile.
The Eakin Family -

Randy & Lorraine Eakin established Randy's Automotive in 1977. We are proud to be family-owned and operated, now owned by Randy and Lorraine's son, Scott.

Scott Eakin - Owner

From: Medway, MA - Favorite Car: 67 Corvette Stingray

Experience: 27 years

When Scott isn't helping people with their automotive needs at his shop, he enjoys skiing, hiking, and spending time outside with his dog.

Scott is an avid Red Sox fan and loves to cook and BBQ for friends and family on gamedays

Steve Hurley - Service Advisor

From: Stoneham, MA - Favorite Car: McLaren Zdos

Experience: 9 years

Steve's favorite part of his job is interacting with and building relationshiops with our clients.

Steve enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to different breweries and trying new beers, listening to music and checking out the newest releases at the movies.

Tim Haynes - Service Manager

From: Medway, MA - Favorite Car: Alfa Romeo

Experience: 14 years

Tim's constant tinkering with cars and other vehicles have flourished his ability to help his co-workers and clients.

When Tim isn't in the shop, he enjoys playing with his son and rooting on his favorite team, the Patriots.

Jimmy Jamison - Foreman

From: Walpole, MA - Favorite Car: American Muscle

Experience: 30 years

Jimmy's success at Randy's can be attributed to his love of the people that he works with.

When Jimmy isn't helping others, he's going on trips to Maine, boating, or supporting his favorite team, the Boston Bruins.

Ryan Blair - Technician

From: Franklin, MA - Favorite Vehicle: Harley's

Experience: 4 years

Ryan's drive and ability to troubleshoot and solve problems have made him an exceptional member of the team.

Ryan loves spending time with his friends and taking his motorcycles out for a cruise when he's not assisting others at Randy's Automotive.

Joey Ayotte - Technician

From: Medfield, MA - Favorite Car: Chevy Camaro

Experience: 20 years

Joey's years of experience gives him a higher than average aptitude of problem solving and fixing issues correctly.

Joey enjoys boating and fishing on his days off, and loves the outdoors in general.