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Is Your Audi as Audacious as It Can Be? — Randy’s Automotive

Is Your Audi as Audacious as It Can Be? — Randy’s Automotive

Audi’s Service and Maintenance

With its advanced technology and first-of-its-kind Quattro all-wheel-drive system, the German-manufactured Audi brand symbolizes luxury. Drivers report that these cars handle and ride well, featuring an upscale interior. In short, it’s bold–audacious. Further, driving an Audi is about a state of mind as it is the vehicle itself. To keep your Audi running well and protect its warranty, keep it properly maintained and make minor repairs before they become significant problems. The certified technicians at Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Maine, can assist you with your Audi service and repair needs.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Service

Owned by Volkswagen, Audi recommends preventive maintenance services for its cars every 10,000 miles (or each year, whichever comes first). At 10,000 miles (alternating thereafter–30,000; 50,000; etc.) the manufacturer calls for minor maintenance. This includes oil and filter change, a multi-point inspection, brake inspection (paying particular attention to the pads), etc. At 20,000 miles (alternating thereafter–40,000; 60,000: etc.) standard maintenance is required. Standard maintenance includes all minor maintenance points and an extensive checklist of services and inspections. In addition to performing other services, your technician will check the battery, lighting, spare tire, transmission, steering, body (for leaks and rust), and even the first aid kit.

Real World Maintenance Tips

It pays to heed the advice given in any manufacturer’s manual, including Audi. The same engineers who designed and tested the car provide input into the care recommended by the manufacturer. Beyond that, it also pays to draw upon the experiences of other Audi owners/drivers and the technicians who routinely service them. They have noticed specific needs that, when addressed, will help your car perform better and last longer. For instance, if your vehicle isn’t shifting gears properly, consider changing the transmission fluid and filter. (This filter and fluid should be changed in the 30,000 to 60,000-mile range without problems.) often this will take care of the problem without you having to resort to a more expensive overhaul.

If you operate your Audi in a hot climate, change and flush your power steering fluid every 30,000 miles to prevent hydraulic problems. Also, another Audi life hack is to change parts such as o-rings, seals, the snub mount, and thread locking compounds at the same time you’re changing the timing belt due to ease of access. Finally, the most straightforward maintenance tip is to bring your vehicle to Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Maine. Our award-winning shop has been operated through multiple generations of the same family since 1976. We offer a generous 36-month/36,000-mile warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Written by Randy's Automotive