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Common Reasons Your Vehicle Fails the Massachusetts State Inspection

Common Reasons Your Vehicle Fails the Massachusetts State Inspection

Know Before You Go: Massachusetts State Vehicle Inspection Requirements

If you’re already a Massachusetts resident with a registered automobile, you know that an annual inspection is required. If you’re new to our state, welcome! Let Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts, assist you with information about state inspection, common failure causes, and needed repairs should your vehicle not meet the standards. Vehicles registered in our state must pass an annual safety inspection from a state-licensed inspector once per year (prior to registration renewal). This includes a list of checkpoints within various categories such as lighting, safety features, suspension, brakes, etc. Also, an emissions test is included in the inspection visit. This is applicable to autos made in 2008 to date for passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, SUVs) and medium-duty gasoline-powered models (8,501-14,000 lbs. GVW) as well as 2007 or newer editions light duty (8,500 lbs. GVW or less) or medium (8,501-14,000 lbs. GVW) duty diesels. (Note: GVW stands for gross vehicle weight.)

The Most Common Reasons for Inspection Failure

Of course, we all hope our autos pass the annual inspection, but don’t panic if yours doesn’t. We can help you navigate the regulations and repairs needed to keep you legal. Also, we’ll provide here the most common reasons for failure so that you can head off these problems by getting ahead of them to the extent possible. One way to save yourself an inspection headache is by ensuring you don’t render your vehicle non-compliant when you make modifications. It’s your car or truck, and you certainly have the autonomy to choose to alter it from its stock condition. Just be sure you stay within the rules. Common culprits are illegally colored or sized lights, excessively darkened window tints, height violations (too low or too high), and exhaust alterations that circumvent or exceed emissions tolerances. Along that line of thought, emissions that exceed standards (even in cars with original exhaust components) are another reason some vehicles fail inspection. You’ll often have a clue that this is a problem from an illuminated check engine light. If the light is on, your vehicle won’t pass inspection. A damaged windshield is also a problem. If it’s cracked, you’ll need to address the issue with a windshield repair/replacement provider. Finally, missing parts compromise safety and keep your vehicle from passing inspection. Examples include missing mirrors, bumpers, windshield wipers, and gas caps.

State Inspection Help Near You

To obtain an inspection or for help with related auto repairs, visit Randy’s Automotive. In business since 1977, we’ve grown with you and the state through the requirements as they have changed. Thus, we know what your car needs. Even better, we help you with a smile and customer convenience.

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