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How To Check the Motor Oil

How To Check the Motor Oil

Step By Step

When is the last time your car had an oil change? When you fail to change your oil as often as you should, your car burns more fuel and doesn’t run as smoothly. Check out this guide from the pros at Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts to learn how to check your oil.

The Basics

The first thing you should do before learning to change your oil is to read the owner’s manual. This guide provides a basic idea of what to do. First, park your car on level ground and then wait for the engine to cool so you don’t burn yourself (unless the manufacturer recommends you check the oil when the engine is warm, then be very careful).

Once the engine cools, open the hood and search for the dipstick. Pull it away from the engine, wiping the oil off the end. Next, you’ll insert it back into the tube, pushing as far as you can without applying too much pressure. When you pull it out again, look at both sides to see how far the oil extends onto the dipstick. Look for two pinholes or the letters L and H (low and high) to determine if the level is good or if you need to add more oil.

Adding More Oil

When you’re ready to add the oil, you’ll remove the oil filler cap, which is usually on top of your car’s engine. Add just a little bit at a time to prevent overfilling it and causing problems for your engine. You can always add more, but adding to much is a messy problem! If you don’t have a very steady hand, consider using a funnel to help you prevent spills. After waiting a moment, check the dipstick to see if the levels are optimum yet and add more if they aren’t. You shouldn’t need to add more than a quart at a time unless your engine is burning oil. Once you’ve added the oil, screw the cap back on and close the hood.

If you don’t have time to check your own oil, don’t worry. Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts provides a variety of services, including oil change services. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

Written by Randy's Automotive