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Four Reasons Wheel Alignment is Important

Four Reasons Wheel Alignment is Important

Have you been told that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment? Are you wondering if the service is really necessary? Wheel alignment is part of basic auto maintenance, so it’s likely that your vehicle may require it at some point during its lifetime. But how can you tell when the time is right? Here are four easy ways to determine whether your vehicle could benefit from a wheel alignment.

  1. Engine Strain

  2. When your vehicle’s tracking is off, it puts extra strain on the engine. Have you ever used a shopping cart at the store that had one broken wheel and wouldn’t glide easily down the aisles? It can be a real struggle! Improper wheel alignment is similar. Your car requires extra power and works a lot harder to move forward because the wheels aren’t lined up exactly right for a smooth ride.

  3. Fuel Efficiency

  4. So a vehicle with improper wheel alignment requires more power from the engine to travel normally? That must mean problems with fuel efficiency because of higher gas consumption. It’s true! You could be paying out big time at the pump because of misaligned wheels. Simple maintenance service and correction is a quick way to save on every fill-up!

  5. Steering and Handling

  6. The real benefit of regular wheel alignment service is maintained safety and handling. For most people’s driving needs, ensuring that the wheels are parallel to one another and perpendicular to the road is all it takes to perfect how the car handles. Smooth parking, turning and maneuvering makes for a safer ride every time. Does your car drift in one direction when the steering wheel is straight? If so, it is definitely time to call in the professionals!

  7. Tire Durability

  8. Unless you are a real car-junkie, chances are you don’t dream about buying new tires for your vehicle. Preferably, you’d like the ones you have to last as long as possible. What if we told you a secret to making that happen? It’s wheel alignment! Tires should meet the road precisely so that their full width meets the road surface. Wheel alignment service helps you maintain those perfect angles to ensure tires wear evenly, instead of rapidly on one side.

Written by Randy's Automotive