What’s the Difference between Wheel Alignment & Balancing?

Wheel Balancing

Problem Signs

After all the time they spend on the road, tires and wheels accrue battle scars. Dents, damages, even small missing slivers and chunks throw off wheel balance. When one part of the tire or rim is missing, the other part is heavier and can cause vibrations, bumps, hops, and wobbles while driving. The top of a tire may weigh more than the bottom, causing uneven rotation, or the right wheel may weigh more than the left. All you need to know is that an uncomfortable ride is enough reason for a trip to the auto shop.


All these imperfections are inevitable, so what can be done besides costly wheel and tire replacement? It wouldn’t make sense to replace everything for such slight damages. Instead, certified mechanics install weights to counterbalance heavy spots. If your car needs wheel balancing, you’ll hear the bumpy tire if you don’t feel it in the steering wheel first. Next stop, Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, MA!

Wheel Alignment

Problem Signs

Some of us know better than others that the road is very unforgiving. Giant potholes, curbs, debris and even normal wear and tear can throw off wheel alignment over time. When one wheel has an impact, it may change its position. If misaligned wheels sound scary, it’s because they are! Not only is it dangerous to drive a vehicle that strays in one direction, but it can seriously damage parts and fuel efficiency. Take a look at your steering wheel next time you are headed straight down the highway. Is it crooked? If so, you have wheel alignment problems.


If you notice that your car drifts even when the steering wheel is straight, you’ll likely need a professional technician equipped with precision tools to perfect the wheels’ angles. Luckily, you can easily find the mechanic you need at Randy’s Automotive! Wheel alignment service makes sure each wheel is parallel to the others and perpendicular to the road. Proper wheel alignment helps the tires grip the road for smooth and efficient driving.

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