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Four Reasons You Should Never Skip an Oil Change

Four Reasons You Should Never Skip an Oil Change

The Purpose of Preventative Maintenance

You’ve heard that regular oil changes are important, but do you understand why? Scheduled service for your vehicle can greatly extend the lifespan of the engine and protect its power and reliability. Preventative maintenance, which includes oil changes, is the key to avoiding repairs and breakdowns. Let’s take a look at what’s at stake if you skip routine oil changes.

  1. Dirt & Debris Clog the Filter

  2. Dirt, debris, and other contaminants find their way into every nook and cranny of your vehicle, including the engine components. When foreign materials inevitably contaminate the engine oil, they build up in the filter and clog it, preventing it from further cleaning oil before it runs throughout the engine. Now, your oil AND the filter need replacement!

  3. Oil Thickens & Parts Degrade

  4. Grimy oil thickens and fails to protect parts and control temperatures as effectively. Dirty engine oil and high running temperatures are abrasive and corrosive to engine parts, leading to potential damages and repair costs.

  5. Additives Wear Out

  6. Contaminated oil loses its characteristics to function properly. Without proper lubrication, the engine may run hot and even fail. Useful additives in engine oil are designed to protect and promote a healthy car, but they don’t last forever. You need regular oil changes to ensure their effectiveness.

  7. Engine Failure

  8. If you wait long enough to change the oil in your vehicle, damages could cause engine failure. Engine oil, or should we say new and clean engine oil, is essential for the following functions:

    • Lubrication

    • Prevent Corrosion & Abrasion

    • Control Running Temperature

    • Protect & Clean Parts

    • Protect & Improve Durability

    • Maintain Power & Efficiency

Schedule Your Oil Change at Randy’s Automotive

Now that you know the dangers of missed oil changes, all you need to do is stick to a maintenance schedule. Randy’s Automotive can help you create a preventative maintenance plan based on your specific vehicle make and driving habits. Let us take care of your car’s routine oil changes! Call or use our online scheduling system now to schedule your oil change appointment!

Written by Randy's Automotive