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Black & Gritty Oil

Black & Gritty Oil

What You Need to Know

Like the other components and systems found in your vehicle, the motor oil cycled throughout the engine is susceptible to wear-and-tear. When this happens, it can begin to lose it’s clear, amber appearance and take on a much dirtier look. This is a normal thing to happen for the oil, but that doesn’t mean you should leave dirty oil in the engine for long. If you do, it could transform into a black, gritty oil that is awful for the system.

At Randy’s Automotive, we want you to be aware of why black & gritty oil is terrible for your vehicle. Here’s everything you need to know about this old, dirty version of your vehicle’s motor oil.

Why It Happens

Black & gritty oil begins to develop when you haven’t gone through an oil change for a significant amount of time. Motor oil is responsible for not just lubricating the parts within the engine, but also cleaning up any particles and contaminants that could are found within. Over time, this begins to reduce the oil’s efficiency as the build-up is trapped. Unfortunately, the oil can only hold so much sludge and particles and will eventually need to be replaced. If you don’t replace promptly, then it begins to take on the black & gritty appearance.

Another cause for this is a dirty oil filter. An oil filter is responsible for filtering out contaminants within the oil after it has cycled through the engine. If not properly changed, the filter won’t be able to remove any of the contaminants and instead will remain in the oil.

Why It’s Bad

As you can expect, black & gritty motor oil is awful for the engine. Not only does it fail to clean and properly lubricate the engine, but it can also develop into a thick, gloppy sludge if not changed consistently. When this is cycled through the engine, it can cause significant damage to the engine.

What to Do

If you see that the oil in your vehicle has taken on a black & gritty appearance, make sure you schedule an oil change as soon as possible. To prevent it from ever happening, we suggest following a routine oil service. This can be established with your local auto shop or through the owner’s manual found in your vehicle.

We recommend service with a professional like Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, Massachusetts! We have the equipment and oil selection to ensure your vehicle is always equipped with high-quality oil! Give us a call or visit our shop to schedule your service today!

Written by Randy's Automotive