Official State Inspection in Medfield, MA

Is it Inspection Time Again?--Randy’s Automotive

Get Road- and Registration-Ready!

The Medfield highways are kept safe by our quick but thorough inspection services. Randy’s Automotive in Medfield, MA has a team of ASE Certified technicians on staff who are ready to make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition. Inspection time sneaks up on most of us. We may not want to put it at the top of our to-do list, but we’re glad when we do. Nothing is better than the safety, comfort, and confidence that passing a state inspection gives motorists. Your vehicle’s safety means safety for everyone else. That’s why the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles has a standard for all vehicles to maintain. If you’re new to the area, from out-of-state, then you automatically have a date you need to schedule with Randy’s Automotive. Make sure your vehicle’s systems are fully-operational, certified safe, and ready for the Massachusetts highways! State inspections are an annual requirement but vehicle owners need not wait to come to us if they need their vehicle inspected. We perform pre-purchase inspections and identify any performance issue with our maintenance inspections.

Emissions Testing–Complete System Inspections

Your vehicle’s exhaust needs to be monitored for everyone’s safety–you, fellow motorists, and the environment. Make Randy’s Automotive your one-stop shop for all state inspection services. When you come to us for an inspection, you can be sure that you’ll leave with a passing grade. Our technicians can handle every vehicle component from bumper-to-bumper, including exhaust system repairs. Harmful toxins will come from your engine, through your cabin, and out into the atmosphere if you’re not careful. Any system malfunction will be identified and corrected by our technicians. When you think about Randy’s Automotive, don’t just think about the quality maintenance and repairs we provide, but remember we’ll handle all inspection services from beginning to end. There’s only one guaranteed way–Randy’s Automotive–for Medfield drivers to know their vehicle is completely free of system malfunctions.

Schedule Your State Inspection With Us!

Randy’s Automotive invites you to our state-of-the-art facility for a complete inspection service. We make sure you save time and money by providing any of the auto services that you need to pass a failed test. Other shops may send you away so that you can get a component fixed but we handle every inspection, diagnosis, and repair from our one-stop shop. All of our technicians stay abreast of the industry’s latest technologies so that you’re always receiving the best quality auto services possible. Give us a call today at (508) 359-4409 to schedule your next inspection service appointment. You can also schedule right now using our online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area —26 Spring St.— feel free to stop by with any questions, concerns or inspection service needs. We gladly welcome all of our walk-in customers!